Louisa Hamlin Louisa is co-founder of Breathe Inspiration Journal. She directs Breathe’s online presence and through her writing offers guidance on achieving inner calm through mindful meditation and self-awareness. Louisa is a business coach and a specialist in online reputation management – she is the director of Let Us Respond. She has a love for online communications, which drives her need to inspire and empower business owners to adopt a more mindful, self-aware approach to business management, particularly on the internet. Family is Louisa’s most valued asset. She lives an active life in Melbourne’s inner west with her son Cooper and spoodle Coco. They spend their time together enjoying the company of family and friends and getting up to as much mischief as possible! Louisa believes everyone has a unique story and that how we approach the journey of life is what ultimately shapes our character. Everyone is capable of great change, and it is usually the most profound of transformations that are ignited by adversity. Through Breathe, she hopes to nurture a more conscious awareness in the way people treat themselves and each other.
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